Editor’s Note

The International Journal for Educational Media and Technology, collaboratively published twice a year by the JAEMS (Japan Association for Educational Media Studies) in Japan and the KAEIM (Korean Association for Educational Information and Media) in Korea, is the premier academic journal in the field of media and technology studies in education and training.

This volume 12 (No. 1) includes a revised version of papers presented at the International Conference for Media in Education (ICoME) 2017 which was held in Honolulu, Hawaii, USA. Six refereed papers discuss contemporary trends, perspectives and developments in the use of media and technology in a wide range of educational and training settings.

We hope all these papers offer valuable insights for further research in the field of educational media and technology studies and expand academic networks among the members of JAEMS, KAEIM and other associations. We are grateful to our reviewers for their time and useful comments.

Innwoo Park, Korea University, Republic of Korea
Insung Jung, International Christian University, Japan
Editors-in-Chief, IJEMT

Published: 2018-06-30

Developing Cultural Intelligence (CQ): Designs for Blended Learning

Peter W. Roux, Katsuaki Suzuki, Ryuchi Matsuba, Yoshiko Goda

Awareness of Mentors in the Peer-Mentoring Conferences

Yukari Kato, Suguru Higashida, Tadahiro Kaneda, Ken’ichi Kitano, Kazuhisa Furuta, Kiyoshi Hayakawa, Takeshi Wada, Kenshuke Kurahashi, Hirohito Ishimaru, Chikako Doki, Satoshi Yamashita

Determining Students’ Learning Characteristics: A Data Analysis of a Distance-Learning Program

Takeshi Morishita, Shigeyuki Nakayama, Kizuku Chino, Mitsunori Yatsuka