The International Journal for Educational Media and Technology (IJEMT), collaboratively published twice a year by the Japan Association for Educational Media Studies (JAEMS) in Japan and the Korean Association for Educational Information and Media (KAEIM) in Korea, stands as the premier academic journal in the field of media and technology studies in education and training.

IJEMT welcomes original papers, including revised full papers based on presentations at concurrent sessions during the International Conference for Media in Education (ICoME) or the Teaching Colleges and Community Worldwide Online Conference (TCC).

This volume includes original papers and revised versions of papers presented at the ICoME 2022. Within these pages, two peer-reviewed papers delve into contemporary trends, perspectives, and developments in the use of media and technology across a wide range of educational and training settings.

We hope that all of these papers will offer valuable insights for further research in the field of educational media and technology studies and help expand academic networks among the members of JAEMS, KAEIM, and other associations. We are grateful to our reviewers for their time and helpful comments.

Shinichi Sato, Nihon Fukushi University, Japan
Seak-Zoon Roh, Sungshin Women’s University, Korea
Editors-in-Chief, IJEMT

Published: 2023-09-15